LSU Lineman Jevonte Domond Reinstated Despite Pending Charges

Embed from Getty Images

By Antonio Squitieri (8/8/2015)

Amidst the many headlines of player misconduct within top-tier college football programs this Summer, Jevonte Domond adds his name to the in-exclusive list as LSU coach Les Miles addressed his eligibility to play this Fall despite pending charges against him.

According to Sporting News, LSU junior lineman Jevonte Domond was suspended from the team following his arrest on May 25 for a violent altercation with his girlfriend. The details of this incident, as noted by the police report in an ESPN article, stated allegations of multiple assaults against the girlfriend including strangulation, battery, and biting. Domond also reportedly blocked any escape efforts of his fiancée from the house until he was pepper sprayed several times. The fiancée and a friend who witnessed the altercation then reported what happened, resulting in Domond’s arrest. Domond denied allegations of any physical exchange to police.

Head Coach Les Miles confirmed the lineman’s reinstatement into the program at the start of the Tigers’ fall camp.  “We’re letting the disposition of whatever entanglement he’s involved in run its course. He’s not suspended”, said Miles to the media on Wednesday ( Miles stated on Thursday after practice that he is no longer speaking publicly about the case until a decision on what further course of action will be taken is made by the East Baton Rouge District Attorney.

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