“The World is Not Flat,”Diaco Motivates Team With High Hopes for 2015 Season

Bob Diaco

University of Connecticut Football coach Bob Diaco talks to media at American Athletic Conference Media Day (Stew Milne/AP Photo)

By Antonio Squitieri (8/11/2015)

The glass is always half full in the world of UConn Football coach Bob Diaco.

The UConn coach is more than ready for the 2015 season, and after last Thursday’s media availability in Storrs, he is undoubtedly fearless in showing it.

After a series of unfortunate events that occurred last Fall in East Hartford, CT, (and several other football stadiums across the country) it’s no surprise that the UConn football program is faced with some pretty low expectations for the upcoming season. At the American Athletic Conference’s football media day in Newport, RI last Tuesday, it was voted in a poll that the Huskies would finish dead last in the conference this season.

Think Coach Diaco dwelled on this outcome? Not a chance.

“We are going to win every game, we are going to play as one of the four teams in the playoff and win a national championship,” Diaco stated to the media in Tuesday’s press conference

After making these statements about his expectations for the season at the AAC Media Day, those in attendance of Thursday’s press conference at the University of Connecticut had plenty of questions, and Diaco was more than obliged to set the record straight.

“In my mind, you’re asking a competitor, someone who has dedicated their whole life to football since I was a small child,” Diaco said. “You’re asking me, after investing hours and time and blood and sweat and tears, of all the things that I miss with my own kids and my wife and everything else I invested into this, ‘How many games you think you’re going to win?’ How do I answer it?”

Diaco also added, “we are jacked about our football team. We’ve got players that have a massive amount of reps under their belts. They’re veterans; they’re ready to go. They’re ready to complete.”

These are not, by any stretch of the imagination, the types of things you would expect a football coach whose team went 2-10 last season to say publicly. It is actually unfathomable that the second-year coach could have such enthusiasm about the future given the result of 2014 season. However, there just may be a method to Diaco’s madness.

Given factors that could surely impair this team’s ability to perform at the highest level in 2015 including having a less than stellar recruiting season, losing players to graduation and the draft, and not having a proven quarterback (yet again), it is of the utmost importance for Coach Diaco to keep his team, staff, and of course the UConn faithful, motivated in the greatest sense of the word.

And while many may construe his confidence for delusion, the UConn players would have to disagree.

Andrew Adams, senior safety of the UConn squad, had very like-minded words in an interview with TheUConnBlog.com at the AAC Media Day. “There’s no one on our schedule we can’t beat, so I think we’re going undefeated.”

Adams also noted his high confidence in the team’s ability to defeat the University of Central Florida in the Civil ConFLiCT, a conference rivalry game created by Coach Diaco as a way of motivating his team for the upcoming season.

“The whole Civil Conflict thing, I know last year, we came home with the trophy. We’re going to bring it down to Orlando, and I look forward to coming home with the trophy again.”

With the start of the UConn Football season only 23 days away, it would appear that Diaco’s method of motivation is starting to catch on. One can only hope that the Huskies will catch enough of it to launch a winning season in 2015.

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